Sensei William Andrew
Sensei William Andrew

Welcome to our web site!

We are an non-profit making organisation dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of aikido. Here on our web site you will find information about aikido, our organisation, and full listings of our classes and practice times.

Aikido UK was founded in May 2000 by Sensei William Andrew and our aim is to enable our members to cultivate and develop the coordination of mind and body using the principles of ki.

It is our firm belief that everyone, irrespective of age or ability level, can experience a wide variety of benefits through the study of aikido and ki development.

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art where everyone works together to learn, and we feel that this is an important part of providing an environment that is both welcoming to new students and encourages progress and personal development for all. We don’t hold tournaments or competitions, but there are regular grading examinations where students can demonstrate what they have learned and advance through the grades (belts/ranks).

Our teaching syllabus contains a broad variety of techniques and exercises that encourage development in aspects that are applicable not only to self defense but also to our daily lives. Through regular training, students can see improvement in areas such as coordination, self confidence, flexibility, and general fitness.

At this time we offer a number of classes in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, and training is available almost every day of the week.

For more information on classes and practice times in a specific location, please visit the Classes & Courses section.

Please feel free to come along and join in!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our classes please feel free to contact one of our instructors – details are available on our Contacts page.